About Entity Records & Entertainment, Inc.

It is official; Entity Records and Entertainment, Inc. have been established by two Michigan powerhouse record companies. D-Tox Entertainment and Cocco Music, LLC, have put their minds and resources together to operate from one conglomerate offering services from Artist Development to Artist Brand Management. For the artists that are not quite ready yet to release a high quality product this is key. Entity Records and Entertainment will put you through their boot camp and get you where you need to be!

Cocco Music, LLC (Owned and Operated by Nicholas Cocco) of Oakland County, Michigan has focused on Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Rock, and Classic Rock genres. If you require a live instrument or highly skilled musician; this is where you go. This Presonus Studio even houses a full live recording and rehearsal stage with lighting.

D-Tox Entertainment (Owned and Operated by Rob Allen) of Oakland County, Michigan has focused their attention on the following genres; Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Pop, House/EDM, Techno, Music Engineering, and DJ Management. This Mackie driven Studio has produced artists from Seattle, Mississippi, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Detroit.

This is the A-Team of the Midwest! Look out for the official press release coming soon…